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See how our exclusive design dining chair collection offers' purveyors of quality dining seating new and exciting ideas on how to dine in style. Discover that all pieces have been carefully eco-friendly sourced from around the globe from natural luxe leather and fabrics with light and dark colour woods such Oak and Walnut to the up to date stainless steel metal of which there are some sleek designs and most importantly taking into account the durability and comfort of the chair in a busy home. This mixture of furniture has everything you need and you will find out there are different styles to suit any dining area whether it is the large family dining room, the kitchen or a town apartments or flats with designs from leather seated chair with a backrest slatted, ladder style to fully upholstered leather or fabric  rollback design in various colours such as white,brown,cream and black.

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Wayland Oak Cross Back Dining Chair (Pair)
Oak Dining Chair Buy Online Dining | Kitchen Chairs With Free UK Shipping..
Wayland Oak Cross Back Dining Chair Padded Seat (Pair)
Wayland Oak Cross Back Dining Chair Padded Seat (Pair)..
Wayland Oak Ladder Back Dining Chair (Pair)
Oak Dining Chair Buy Online Dining | Kitchen Chairs With Free UK Shipping..
Wayland Oak Ladder Back Dining Chair Padded Seat (Pair)
Wayland Oak Dining Chair - Padded Seat - Solid Oak Chair..

Dining Chairs have fascinated designers and makers for centuries.Perhaps more than any other piece of furniture,a dining chair tests the skill of its designer and maker. Dining tables and dining chairs are fast becoming one of the most important pieces of furniture we will buy.Whether we put our dining table & chairs in a dedicated dining room, or in your kitchen they are still the piece of furniture we use the most for entertaining & celebrating special occasions. Dining tables & dining chairs come in huge range of styles & sizes so this is generally a decision that requires some forethought & planning.

Make sure you have enough room.

  • A standard table is 76cm high. Generally, 73cm are provided by the table legs while the thickness of the table provides the additional inch.
  • If you use a thicker table top then simply shorten the legs to compensate.
  • Make sure you measure your dining room/space carefully.
  • Measuring up properly is one of the most important things you can do, & you will need exact measurements, not a vague idea of the space.There is nothing worse than spending hours finding the perfect dining table & dining chairs only to discover it’s too large.

Make sure you have the right dining table as well.

Think about how the dining table will fit in the space.
Whilst it's tempting to get the biggest dining table you possibly can you will need to consider leaving enough space for your guests or family to push their chairs back, & get in & out.
You should really allow a metre on each side if you can, any less & people won't be able to get in & out without disrupting the table, which is not most people's idea of a relaxing meal.

How many people do I need to be seated?

Next to consider is the number of people you would like to have seated at the table on a day to day basis and at special occasions.
There is a huge selection of extending dining tables around these days, so if you will definitely want to entertain more people than you would seat day to day.
Each diner will need at least 60cm of width to accommodate their dining chair & place setting.Don’t forget to make sure your dining chairs are the right height for your table too.Dining tables can be anything from 75cm to 80cm high, & although the majority of dining chairs around are the same standard size and height.

Choose a style.

You now can get dining chairs in lots of styles and designs.Whereas before most dining chairs were made from wood with a traditional frame with seat rails joined into the front legs.You now have chairs designed from leather,fabrics and metal in all shapes and sizes.The classic arrangement is to use a pair of :-

Carver Dining Chairs (Chairs with arms) at either end of the table with armless dining chairs running down either side a pair of Benches is a practical option in a small space as they can be pushed beneath the table.They are also handy when you need to squeeze a few more people around the table as everyone can shuffle up a little.Use an upholstered bench cushion to soften it,or add individual cushions to demarcate everyone's seat.