Bedroom Sets

Bedroom Sets

We know just how important it is to design a bedroom with a consistent style throughout. Our bedroom sets are designed to help you achieve just that, and our trio packages help you furnish a room in one swoop, saving significant sums at the same time! Each of our packages offers a slightly different shade and grain of the wood, so you can decide on the best tone for your home, but they all include a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a bedside cabinet. 

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Amazon Trio Wardrobe, Chest & Bedside

Amazon Trio, Distressed Pine Sold as 3 Pc Set, 2 Door Wardrobe 800W x 500D x 1750H Full Hanging with Shelf, 3 Draw Chest 700W x 350D x 710H, 1 Draw Bedside 370W x 320D x 430H..


Badalona Trio Wardrobe, Chest & Bedside Beech

Wardrobe 2 Door 800W x 500D x 1700H Full Hanging with Shelf Chest 4 Drawer 635W x 400D x 685H Bedside 400W x 350D x 500H..


Corona Trio Wardrobe, Chest & Bedside

2 Door Wardrobe 1020W x 565D x 1885H Full Hanging with Shelf 2+2 Drawer Chest 920W x 485D x 1050H 1 Door & 1 Drawer Bedside 535W x 395D x 675H . Sold as 3 Pc Set . Distressed Solid..


Skagen Trio Wardrobe, Chest & Bedside

Skagen Trio.Antique Pine Solid Pine, Sold as 3 Pc Set . Wardrobe 2 Door 740W x 550D x 1760H Full Hanging with Shelf . Chest 4 Drawer 700W x 350D x 740H . 3 Draw Bedside 420W x 350D..


Wakeley Trio Wardrobe, Chest & Bedside

Wakeley Trio . Solid Pine, Sold as 3 Pc Set 2 Door Wardrobe 775W x 510D x 1780H Full Hanging with Shelf 4 Draw Chest 810W x 430D x 790H 3 Draw Bedside 460W x 430D x 620H..